LETTER TO THE EDITOR: México Lucha Libre, to the people of Mexico!

México Lucha Libre has the objective of informing, organizing and mobilizing citizens, so that they will have the necessary capacity and strength to demand accountability from the authorities, regardless of who they are!!!

We are a non-partisan, citizens, trans-electoral and long-term movement and want to have enough strength and capacity to make sure that all candidates elected July 1st. and all incumbent authorities, honor their campaign promises, to stop deceiving us, and to put an end to corruption and impunity in our country.


We want a better Mexico, a more transparent Mexico, and a free and informed Mexico. For that purpose:

    •     We will raise our voice to stop the authorities from mocking citizens through evasions and chicanery to avoid their responsibilities, as it has happened before in cases such as Odebrecht, La Estafa Maestra, La Estela de Luz, money under the table in Congress, El Señor de las Ligas, and government officials spending public money in properties, trips, or gambling with Mexicans’ money in Las Vegas, among many more.

    •    We will foster and support the formation of Anticorruption Brigades throughout the country, with the purpose of their identifying and denouncing acts of corruption and impunity, as well as to demand punishment for criminals, through social peaceful pressure.

    •    We will promote the organization of Green National Brigades, focused on the preservation of the environment, identifying and denouncing acts of corruption, to put an end to deforestation, water over exploitation, environmental pollution, inefficient and insecure public transportation, and to foster good practices, that will allow us to inherit a clean and sustainable country to our children and future generations.

    •    We will denounce and unmask individuals, companies and/or groups, which put pressure on the authorities for their own benefit.

    •    We will promote alliances with citizen groups and organizations with the experience and capacity to denounce and institutionally litigate, with the law in their hand, against these actions that so hurt our nation.

    •    We will watch over and support our institutions, so that they are honest, transparent and act to benefit citizens.

    •    We want the Rule of Law to prevail in the country, with autonomous and transparent authorities, accountable to citizens and not to their bosses who appointed them.

No matter who wins in the next elections, no matter who rules, we demand responsible, transparent governments and officials, who are socially and economically committed with Mexico, and truly committed with peace and stability in the country.  We will be paying attention and overseeing their honoring all their responsibilities and commitments.

México Lucha Libre is for all those citizens who want a better, more equitable and fair country, with better education, with conditions that will allow for a dignified life for all Mexicans, to finally banish all those vices that prevent social and economic development of our Mexico.  It is for all those citizens that are willing to commit themselves for their family, their neighbors, their friends, their community and their country, to put an end, once and for all, to corruption and impunity that offend and impoverish us.

We invite all of you Mexicans reading this and we also ask you, in this dramatic and desperate moment for our country, to be part of our movement for the well-being of your children and the future of the nation.

Let us demand accountability!


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